2017 Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention

Did you know that the human body undergoes remarkable changes every time you go underwater? The heart rate slows and the cardiovascular system shifts gears, allowing people to hold their breath much longer than they can above land. Did you also know that, even when controlling for all other variables, people who live near lakes, rivers and oceans experience significant benefits in terms of happiness, longevity, and absence of diseases? These are just some of the many fascinating ways that being near, in, on, and under water affects people. We invite you to take a closer look at these phenomena during the 2017 Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention in Stevens Point April 5-7 as we “go deeper” and explore the mind-body-water connection.

Keynote speakers include  Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist who has synthesized much of the science on this topic in his 2015 best selling book Blue Mind; and British author and poet Andrew Fusek Peters, who will speak about his book 2014 book Dip: Wild Swims From the Borderlands. 

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