Busy Badgers

The Busy Badger club meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm, at the Montpelier Town Hall.

Please contact Darlene Boeder at 676-4580 or wrboeder@gbonline.com for more club information.


Enrolling in 4-H

Link to 4-H Online Program: https://wi.4honline.com
Click on link above to enroll in Kewaunee County 4-H

Enrollment Guides

Please click on the guide name to bring up a pdf of the document. If you were a 4-H member last year, please use the instructions in the Re-enrollment Guide. If you are new to 4-H this year, please use the New Member Enrollment Guide.

2016 Kewaunee County 4-H Re-enrollment Guide (for members that were enrolled in 4-H last year)

2016 Kewaunee County 4-H New Member Enrollment Guide (for new families that have not been in 4-H before)

This guide is separated into three parts. The first portion is directions for enrolling online; the second portion is a listing of the projects a 4-H member can choose to enroll in (you will need to know what project you would like to enroll in before you fill out your online enrollment form); and the last part is some general 4-H information.