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A New Baby!  Parenting the 1st Year

Becoming a parent is an exciting change in your life. But it can be a stressful and trying time too. In this set of 12 newsletters, find out from child development experts how your baby changes during each month of the first year.

Parenting Tips and Newsletters Website 

Get the latest information on child development, nutrition, health, safety, child care, changes in family life, and much more. The newsletters include new articles on if baby is premature, routines for baby, and separation distress, as well as updates on feeding, where baby sleeps, immunizations, and more.

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Talking to Your Child About Disasters

Modern media now brings disasters and tradegy into homes on a daily basis. Some children may ask questions and will need to have someone to talk to about feelings they may have on what they see on television, online, or in newspapers. Resources are available to help start discussions on these topics.

Opportunity to Teach Kids Emotional Self-Control

Talking To Children About Disasters

National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Talking to children about a shooting and after a crisis: Helping Young Children Heal


**NEW for Parents of Teenagers! Be an eParent®!









Let’s face it, digital media, like television and rock’n roll, is not going away! Digital media provides young people access to a whole new virtual world where they can test some important developmental tasks, such as:

  • hanging out with their friends and exploring their social status,
  • testing out their identities,
  • having private time to interact and communicate with close friends, or
  • learning new skills that will help them become responsible, productive adults.

So, how can we use digital media as a positive force?

We can integrate digital media into our responsibilities as parents and learn ways we can use digital media to help us stay connected and continue to be an influential part of our teen’s life!

Be an eParent®!

Research shows that digital media can be a positive and powerful parenting tool. eParenting® provides parents and other caring adults ways to connect with children and adolescents using digital media. Be an eParent® by using this unbiased, research-based resource you can trust from UW-Extension!


Parenthetical – Parenting Tweens and Teens

Parenthetical is a blog, website and social network for parents of tweens and teens. Join Parenthetical here: 

eParenting® An innovative program initiative from UW-Extension Family Living Programs with the goal of empowering parents in their use of digital media as a powerful and positive tool supporting their parenting role. 


Home Alone Program

Is your family ready for self-care? Visit the UW Extension’s Home Alone web site to view a program that can help in developing your family’s home alone plan. Click on the Home Alone image to be directed to the video series.


Home Alone: Preparing Children for Self Care 


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents and child

In recent years, increasing numbers of grandparents in the United States are living with and caring for their grandchildren.

Grandparenting Today The focus of this website is on grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and others who are raising their relatives’ children.


Building Strong Families


Look Before You Leap   A guide to the legal and financial implications of marriage (and remarriage) in Wisconsin Resources for birth through teens, families in transition, healthy relationships, family health and well-being, and caregiving

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