2018 Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention and Water Action Volunteers Symposium

The wailing call of the loon, with its mournful and calming howl, often signals social interactions between individuals. Loons use it to reconnect, to find each other in the fog or on a moonless night. Like the loon’s wail, we send out this annual
call to water lovers everywhere to reconnect with us in Stevens Point at the annual Lakes Partnership Convention and Water Action Volunteers Symposium. We call you to connect with each other too: with fellow organization leaders, volunteer monitors, resource managers, researchers, service providers, and educators. We call you to learn, to share, and to socialize. We especially call those who have never come to our event in the past. We welcome you to join our unique gathering. Together, we will create the great cacophony, the informed discussion about protecting and restoring lake health that cannot be ignored. Join us, heed the call!

The 40th annual Wisconsin Lakes Paternership and Water Action Volunteers Symposium will include several hands-on workshop opportunities. Get all the detail and pre-register at www.uwsp.edu/uwexlakes

April 18-20, 2018 ~ Stevens Point